3 Reasons Why You Should Consider an RV for Your Next Family Vacation

a van on the side of the road

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Taking a vacation and getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life is a must for everyone. That being said, vacationing often comes with a host of expenses that can make it seem out of reach. One of the best solutions to consider if you feel like you’re spending too much on your getaways is investing in your own recreational vehicle (RV).

Of course, becoming an RV owner is a big responsibility. Whether you’re considering getting your own vacation vehicle or are wondering whether or not it’s the right fit for your needs, here are three reasons why you should consider an RV for your next family vacation.

1. It’s more cost-effective if you like to visit destinations that are out of the way.


If you’re going to the major cities, chances are that you’re going to have a much easier time booking hotels as it’s difficult to find RV-friendly locations where you can enjoy what the city has to offer while living out of your vehicle. For example, if you’re vacationing with your family and passing through Utah, visiting a site like Zion National Park is more than possible with your RV. This is due to the fact that the national park offers multiple campgrounds where you can park so you can explore the canyons, trails, and major sites like Angels landing.

But is an RV really cost-effective? If you were to visit the same place while renting a hotel, there are numerous expenses that a recreational vehicle can help you avoid. For example, having to pay for all your meals, your nightly hotel rental, and travel back and forth to every location are just a few expenses you can anticipate if you’re flying to your destination and staying in hotel lodging. With an RV, you only have to pay for gas and groceries, greatly cutting down on what you would have to spend otherwise to enjoy your vacation.

But what happens if your RV should break down? Great question! You can even plan ahead for these issues by getting a comprehensive warranty from America’s RV Warranty (ARW). If you’re worried about exclusionary policies on travel trailers that don’t give you the peace of mind to travel with confidence, ARW protects RVers by offering transferable coverage that repairs all of the mechanical components found within motorhomes and travel trailers (as well as other types of RVs), ensuring that they get coverage without having to undergo inspections, and paying the retail price for new parts. If you want to stay covered and save money, it’s more than possible.

2. You have the flexibility to go anywhere whenever the feeling strikes.

Traditional travel comes with many restrictions. If you’re flying, you have to plan your itinerary around how long you plan on being gone. If you book a hotel, you’ll generally be doing so for a set amount of time, which prevents you from going wherever you want, especially if you have a budget.

Put simply, traditional travel is costly and, oftentimes, problematic. Investing in an RV gives you greater freedom and allows you to go wherever you want on a whim. Just make sure that you look for the best RV parks across the United States before you set off on an adventure.

3. You have access to all of the comforts of home in a space that you’ve created.


The problem with hotel rooms is that they don’t offer everything we need. Besides bedding, Wi-Fi, and a TV, the hotel stay experience can be highly impersonal and make it difficult to live your life as you normally do.

Owning an RV means not only designing your own space but having all the comforts and familiarity of home within it. Whether that means being able to prepare a meal, taking your dog with you on your travels, or having your own space to unwind, this is just another benefit of having an RV in lieu of a hotel room and a private vehicle.

The need to hit the open road can be strong, but when vacationing entails booking flights, hotel rooms, and car rentals, the concept of travel can quickly become less desirable. Instead of going the traditional route, use the three points above as an incentive to get your own RV and travel the world on your terms!