4 Tips for Upgrading Your Shower or Bath

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As a homeowner, you know that your master bathroom tends to get a lot of use. Unlike the other bathrooms, this one should have a more relaxing and luxurious feel and one that equals true comfort. While some bath and shower upgrades can be pricy, there are some fun and atmospheric additions you can make that won’t break the bank, adding a stylish and contemporary feel. Here, we will look at just four tips for upgrading your shower and bath and making your master bathroom a true haven for privacy and relaxation.

1. Textured Tile for the Shower



Ideally, your shower and tub area is somewhat spacious and, preferably, tiled. Aside from adding a clean, artistic design motif to your bathroom, a textured tile can be helpful in easy clean-up and overall hygiene. The motif also helps set a calming mood for the room itself, and can dictate the color scheme and designs for the rest of your bathroom: the vanity, window borders, and accessories can all match the tile work of the shower and bath section. A small, textured tile is not only stylish and modern but provides a surface area that’s ideal for easy clean-up, as well as being a great way to add a touch of modernity and elegance to the bathroom, the type that the professionals at Lux Bath can provide. If it’s been a long time since you’ve considered a shower remodel, brush up on luxury concepts for the best experience with your interior designer.

2. “Camera-Ready” Lighting

When it comes to design, it helps to imagine a photoshoot. A playful way of approaching your bathroom design is to have a “camera-ready” philosophy or approach to its lighting. Whether you have a background in catalog photography or have ever even been on a high fashion photoshoot, try and imagine your bathroom as the setting for editorial fashion photography spreads, such as those in Harper’s Bazaar. Immediately, the lighting aspects of a high fashion photoshoot, or glamour photography, will get you thinking creatively and dramatically.

As most bathrooms and shower sections receive very few natural light windows, your light placement and the number of light sources should be calming, yet have a natural appeal that would create the best photographs. Consider dimmers and accessories that mimic candlelight, all of which will be flattering as you look in the mirror to pose as you apply makeup every morning. Keeping that type of photography in mind can help guide your new lighting choices.

3. Hidden Toilet Tank

One major component in your bathroom isn’t necessarily the bath or shower area, yet it receives just as much use: the toilet. As the master bathroom is meant to be a calming and relaxing section of the home, many modern alternatives to traditional toilet designs have both function and a stylish type of image in mind.

For example, a hidden toilet tank: the actual water tank set into the wall behind the toilet itself. Not only does this look sleek and modern (consider tiles and porcelain that veer away from bold colors or industrial-style shapes with the design catalog or look book), but asking your contractor about installing a hidden cistern toilet can help open the bathroom space up even further, allowing more room for bath and shower options.

4. Hidden Medicine Cabinet


Another modern favorite alternative for new bathrooms is complimentary to both the hidden toilet tank and the new lighting: a hidden medicine cabinet. Adjacent to the room’s vanity and mirror, the cabinet can take up a lot of wall space. However, a hidden design sets the medicine cabinet slyly into the wall, offering a sleeker look and also, psychologically, opens up the room’s atmosphere. With this in mind, a hidden cabinet can supply further storage, while also adding to the square-footage needed for a new shower or tub area. Such designs instantly give your shower and tub area a revamped, contemporary appeal.

Remodeling your master bathroom should be a fun project, allowing you to incorporate some current trends associated with top fashion brands, while also giving you a touch of style and elegance to the room itself. These five options won’t break the bank when applied creatively, and you’ll feel better using a bathroom that looks like high fashion photography setting every morning!