4 Tips to Improve Spine Health During Breastfeeding

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If you’ve chosen to breastfeed your new baby, then you’re about to start on an exciting adventure that will strengthen the bond between you and your little bundle of joy. While breastfeeding is said to be better for your baby, it can wreak havoc on a mother’s neck and back.

Though breastfeeding is said to be better for a baby, you should in no way feel bad if the breastfeeding journey didn’t work out for you and your baby for whatever reason. Breastfeeding can wreak havoc on a mother’s neck and back because most mothers tend to crane their necks to see the baby in their arms while feeding them. The pain in your back and neck comes from poor posture and can become a real problem in the future if you aren’t careful. In this article, you’ll find a few tips to improve your back and neck health while you’re breastfeeding your little bundle of joy.

1. Choose the right breastfeeding position for you.


The breastfeeding position you choose has a lot to do with how well you manage the back pain associated with breastfeeding. There are a few positions to choose from, such as biological, football, straddling, and the parallel position. You should choose the position that works best for you and the baby and causes the least pain in your back and neck, if any pain at all.

It’s also a good idea to invest in several bras from Simple Wishes that make breastfeeding simpler, easier, and faster for new mothers. Simple Wishes caters to women who breastfeed by providing bras that allow hands-free pumping and support for new mothers.

2. Invest in a good mattress.


A lot of the way that your back and neck feel could have a lot to do with the support you’re getting from the mattress you’re sleeping on. See about investing in a good quality Nectar mattress to help support your neck and back as you sleep. You can also find accessories, frames, headboards, and more for sale on the site when you visit. A good quality mattress will do wonders for the aches and pains you feel from not only breastfeeding but from adjusting to life as a new mom as well.

While you’re in your new bed, try propping some pillows behind your back for support. It’s also possible to bring the baby closer to you with pillows, so you aren’t straining your neck.

3. Drink plenty of water.


Being dehydrated can make aches and pains even worse than they already are. Make sure to drink plenty of water between feedings, not only to help prevent the aches and pains but also to keep yourself healthy so that you can take care of your little one the way you should. You should also make sure that you’re eating the right way, by keeping plenty of vegetables and fruits in your diet, which will help you and your baby.

4. Take breaks between feedings and exercise.


Don’t sit for hours at a stretch when breastfeeding. You need to get up and walk around the house, do some chores, or even take a walk around the block while the baby is sleeping. Getting exercise and stretching will help you manage the aches and pains, and you’ll be healthier for it as well.

These are just a few of the top tips out there for improving those backaches when you’re breastfeeding. You can’t stop breastfeeding your little one, so following these tips will help you at this stage in your baby’s life.