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Amino Acids Before or After Training?

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If you have asked yourself if it is worth taking amino acids for sports training, the answer is a resounding yes. It is one of the best supplements available. However, should these be taken before or after exercise? To answer this question, it is necessary to understand the function of the organic compound. One of the purposes of taking the supplement is to stimulate protein synthesis, thus growing muscles while also reducing recovery time after weight training. It also helps prevent muscular fatigue.

Many organizations, including the International Society of Sports Nutrition, have conducted studies on amino acids and exercise. In one such study, athletes from different sports were used to understand the impact. Two groups were formed where the experimental group was given amino acids for eight weeks while the control did not receive the supplement. 

The results demonstrated the positive effect of the compound on muscle growth. Those in the experimental group doubled their muscle mass compared to those in the control. However, the question of when to take them still lingers and the answer is complex as it depends on several factors. Therefore, reviewing the different scenarios provides some clarity.

Taking Amino Acids Before Exercise

When exercising, whether it be weight training or cardiovascular activity, the body releases cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. This action promotes catabolism, which generates a loss in muscle fibers thus reducing muscular gain. Taking amino acids before training helps regulate the release of cortisol, promoting a balance between catabolism and anabolism. This functions well with sports like cycling or marathons that require hours of intensity. The compound also reduces fatigue and soreness after working out.

Taking Amino Acids After Exercise

In cases of long cardio or workouts, taking the supplement before has its advantages. However, taking them after a workout also presents another set of advantages. After an intense exercise session, the body needs to recover nutrients consumed during the activity. This is where the supplement can be of great assistance. 

The body is primed to absorb nutrients at this moment. Therefore, consuming amino acids after exercise will help muscle recovery and will diminish soreness. Furthermore, it will assist the body in building muscle fibers. For those looking for intense workouts like Crossfit and bodybuilding, this option provides better results.

Taking Amino Acids Before And After

This is the ultimate scenario. By taking the supplement 30 minutes before working out, muscular catabolism can be avoided, thus improving performance during a session. Furthermore, taking it right after will stimulate protein synthesis and help with the process of muscular hypertropia. The recommended amount is between eight to ten grams before and after exercise. An additional benefit is that it will also help with fat loss, increase libido, promote the production of muscular growth hormones, among others. 

Nevertheless, to avoid a negative reaction, be sure to consult with your doctor. Pregnant women or people with cardiovascular issues or other medical conditions should also consult a medical professional. Those with Type II diabetes can also review gluco type 2, which can help control blood sugar.

The best way to track results is to record your activity, including your daily diet, exercise routine, and supplement list so that you can evaluate and measure. This is important because it can help visualize objectives while maintaining motivation. Keep track of muscle gains and weight loss. Also, don’t be afraid to tell the world! Once you see results, make sure to share using a picture sharing website or other channels so that others can see the improvements made in the optimized workout sessions. The before and after pictures can help inspire someone else with similar goals and can motivate you to keep up the great work.