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Be Your Own Boss: 3 Career Paths for Natural-Born Leaders

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Are people naturally drawn to you? Do you give good advice and work well under pressure? Does taking charge excite you more than scare you? If you answered “yes” to more than one of these questions, then you might be a natural-born leader. 

Theories suggest that some people have innate abilities to motivate others and exude confidence without even trying. They can easily adapt to changes, prioritize well, and are eager to share ideas. This person isn’t always the loudest voice in the room or even an enthusiastic extrovert. Instead, they are usually a calm and grounded person who is resourceful and responsible. Yet even with these characteristics, natural-born leaders need guidance and the right education and training to translate these leadership skills into a career. 

Every industry needs great leaders, so natural-born leaders are likely to fit into any line of work. However, there are certain jobs that might suit this personality type more than others. If you think you match the profile of a natural-born leader, then read on to see what kind of jobs you should consider looking into.

Military Officer

Careers in public safety—like a position in the military—require a strong individual. In the military, you will start at the bottom and follow instructions from authority figures, but eventually, you will find yourself in a leadership role. Your education will teach you the basics of military service and hone your leadership skills so you are able to lead groups to victory. 

A career in military service could also lead you down the path of law enforcement or government—both of which are job fields that require effective leadership skills. In order to succeed, you need to be a strong role model, an excellent communicator, and listener and have the ability to earn people’s respect and trust. 

Running a Marketing Agency 

As a natural-born leader, you probably already have an entrepreneurial mindset so becoming a business owner would certainly suit you. Consider starting your own marketing agency. Building a business from the ground up is definitely challenging, but the time, effort, and dedication you put into it will make the endeavor worth it. Marketing agencies help companies better brand themselves through advertising. With a marketing agency, you can help provide better tactics for marketing for credit unions or other clients. 

In order to launch a successful marketing firm, you need to understand how to handle finances and be able to motivate your employees to do their best work and not give up, even in the face of doubt. That’s where those excellent listening skills and personable nature come in. Studies suggest that managers who are too intimidating or aggressive don’t run the best businesses. This is likely due to employees feeling cautious or nervous about coming to their boss with an issue or problem. A natural-born leader doesn’t scare off their workers but rather welcomes them in. 

 Auto Dealer 

Becoming a car dealer is a great way to put natural-born leaders’ communication and interpersonal skills to use. Managing an auto dealership or running an Auto Auction Mall means you will be interacting with a variety of people, so your people skills need to be top-notch. But as a natural-born leader, you will already be an effective communicator, so socializing will be a breeze. The natural charisma and positive, upbeat attitude of born leaders make being a car dealer a fitting choice. And your entrepreneurial spirit will be satisfied working as an auto dealer as you hone your business sense. 

This is just a brief list of the possible career paths for natural-born leaders. All jobs require strong leadership, so whatever you pursue, as a natural-born leader you are sure to succeed.