Can Industrial Organizations Leverage Customer Feedback?

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Never underestimate the power of customer reviews of products or services. Part of the customer journey entails researching the product or service the customer is considering purchasing. Social media is a popular place for potential customers to find information and reviews about the products or services they’re considering. You should always encourage customers to leave online reviews that can be made accessible to potential customers. Customer feedback and engagement is essential to building your online presence and leveraging opportunities to take your sales to the next level. Here are just a few ways you can leverage customer feedback.

Improve your products.


Reviews and feedback are full of beneficial customer insights that you can use to influence future product development. Everything from customer service, ease of transaction, product packaging, and the product itself factors into the overall customer experience. Customer feedback is a smart way to uncover any product defects or weaknesses that need to be addressed. It can also help you uncover any functionality issues with your website, ordering process, or shipping process. Think of customer insights as a form of market research that helps you create in-demand new products and a better customer experience.

One of the best practices in the manufacturing industry is the automation of production processes. Customer feedback is a useful way to gauge consumer demand and meet that demand. Ensuring the same consistent product quality requires a reliable supply chain to efficiently produce safe products, which means that you have to be using the best methods possible. For example, the best way to transport bulk materials of all weights vertically is with a bucket elevator. Similar to conveyor belts, a continuous bucket elevator uses buckets on a pulley to pick up, transport, and distribute bulk material safely and efficiently.

Ryson’s bucket elevators feature pivoting buckets with multiple inlets and outlets that prevent spillage. Their durable elevators combine gentle handling, rugged construction, minimal maintenance, and modular design. Ryson’s signature elevators are an effective solution for your bulk material conveyor needs.

Learn about your customers, and connect with them.


Customer feedback opens the door to customer and employee engagement. Acknowledging feedback, both positive and negative, make your customers feel valued and help improve the customer experience. Feedback provides insights into consumer behavior and preferences.

Actively monitoring and responding to customer reviews helps build a relationship that leads to customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction plays a major role in word of mouth referrals, positive online reviews, and repeated future purchases. It’s important to always respond to negative comments and show customers that there is a living being on the other end of the computer. This shows potential customers that you care about meeting customer needs and that you actively work on solutions that will improve your product or services.

Building a strong Voice of the Customer program is an effective way to gain actionable insights that inform business decisions and help build a customer-focused business that meets and exceeds customer needs. Strong voice of customer tools capture real-time customer feedback throughout the customer journey using customer surveys.

Alchemer’s voice of customer tools allows you to ask the right questions to collect valuable customer data that influences initiatives across the business. It features CRM integration, a centralized dashboard, data visualization, custom VoC reports, analytics, and the ability to deliver questionnaires across multiple touchpoints. No matter the size of your business, using a Voice of Customer program is the best way to understand customer behavior and improve your customers’ experiences.

Increase online visibility with improved marketing efforts.


The best way to get your business to stand out is to have a lot of customer reviews. Not only does customer feedback help you improve and lend credibility to the quality of your products or services, but it also positively affects search engine ranking and SEO. Be sure to share positive reviews on social media with your target audience to improve your marketing efforts. It’s okay to brag when you receive glowing customer feedback and use it as social proof that your brand knows what it’s doing.

You can gain many valuable insights from customer feedback. Leverage feedback to improve your products, learn about your customers’ preferences and connect with them, and increase online visibility with improved marketing efforts.