Deciding on a Career in Medicine

a person in a surgical mask

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Do you love helping people? Are you fascinated by what keeps the body healthy? You might be considering a career in medicine, but how do you decide? Here are a few important factors to consider if you’re looking into a job in the medical field. 

You don’t have to be a doctor

Some people love the idea of a job in the medical field but aren’t sure where they would fit. The good news is you don’t have to attend medical school and become a doctor to get a great job in medicine! There are plenty of other options for people with a variety of skills. If you still want to provide direct care to patients but don’t want to spend the time or money on medical school, consider becoming a physician assistant. You can graduate with your degree and certification in a much shorter time, and you’ll make excellent money. 

You could also start your own business that helps others differently. Launch a supplement company and sell Makers Nutrition supplements. You’ll be helping other people feel better while also running your own business and working on your own time. If you have a knack for sales and customer service, owning a health-oriented business is a great way to enter the medical field without becoming a provider. 

You can work with innovative equipment

If you love the idea of doing something new and cutting-edge in your career, then medicine might be for you. When you become a doctor or a nurse, you’re committing to a career of continuing education. Medical professionals are required to earn continuing education credits, which means you’re always learning about new and exciting advances. Technology and equipment are always changing and growing. As a medical provider, you’ll work with new tech like that from Ezra, which provides fast, accurate, and safe MRI protocol. This can be extremely exciting, and you’ll never be bored with a job that always utilizes new technology.

If you love the idea of just working with innovative equipment, you can become a field service technician or a sales agent. As a technician, you’ll repair broken equipment or troubleshoot problems. As a sales agent, you’ll provide hospitals or doctors’ offices with new technology. You’re the expert on the equipment, and your passionate pitch will help places use new technology that will help countless patients. Advances in technology can help save more and more lives, and being a part of that is extremely rewarding.  

You’ll have a steady, well-paying job

No matter which job you choose in the medical field, you’ll find a steady and well-paying career. The need for healthcare is increasing as Americans are living longer, and the industry is only expected to grow. This makes it an excellent time to get into the medical field, and with most medical jobs, you’re given steady employment with little chance of change if you don’t want it. Many people love the ability to find the right job and keep it for decades. If you like stability, this field is for you. 

You’ll also earn an excellent living. Most doctors earn over $150,000 a year. Pharmacists, who typically spend six years in school earning a doctorate in pharmacy, earn around $100,000 a year. You don’t even need a higher degree to earn a good living. Dental hygienists are usually only required to earn a two-year degree and typically make almost $70,000 a year. With a career in medicine, you can earn an excellent living while also helping others. 

If you’re not sure about entering the medical field, consider whether you would like to help others and make a great salary. Careers in medicine are excellent even for those who don’t want to become doctors.