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How this Year’s Graduates are Preparing to Leave the Nest

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This year, young people are faced with a different set of challenges amid the COVID-19 crisis. Like many young adults, it’s common to head off to a college to receive some kind of degree. Though a college education is undoubtedly a valuable option, many students are faced with the reality that traditional in-person classrooms won’t work for their situations. As the times change, graduates need to adapt to find the best options to pursue their goals. Keep reading to explore a few different ideas and routes that graduates can take during these unprecedented times.


One incredible idea for recent graduates is to consider going to school to become an EMT or an Emergency Medical Technician. If there’s one evident thing, it’s that these life-saving healthcare providers are important to our society. If you’re planning to head into the EMT workforce, you need certificates. One certificate that is necessary to move forward is CPR training. As a first aid course, CPR teaches healthcare providers and others how to respond to emergencies, basic life support, choking recovery, and automated external defibrillator (AED) training. In addition to this, you generally learn CPR training for infants, children, and adults. Consider a certified course from the American CPR Care Association. This CPR certification program is an online course combined with AED training which is the perfect certification to pursue amidst the current pandemic. Overall, by getting your CPR certification, you can begin your journey as an emergency healthcare provider.

Online College

If you’re looking for a degree program to pursue, but you don’t want to head off to college, then consider online classes. Being an online student is great for students who don’t enjoy the traditional classroom structure. However, if you prefer in person-courses, you should know that universities like Full Sail University offer both traditional in-person and online degree programs that you can pursue. This way, you can earn your degree online while the rest of the COVID-19 crisis cools down. As a Full Sail student, you can work towards various degrees in art and design, game design, business, film, and music. What’s even better is that they include common expenses like books and course fees into your tuition. They also offer master’s degree programs in different fields of study. No matter which degree you pursue, by considering an online degree as your next route, you can work towards safely receiving an education for an affordable price.

Trade Jobs

If you’re not looking to work towards a typical bachelor’s degree, then you might be interested in exploring trade jobs. These jobs are perfect for graduates who are looking for work that takes time and skill. What’s even better is that once you’re certified in your skill-set, you have the opportunity to explore very high-paying jobs. Some of these trade jobs include HVAC technicians, plumbers, welders, and even dental hygienists. The list of trade-jobs can go on and on, but these jobs are different in their approaches.

This doesn’t mean you won’t need any schooling. Instead, it means that your schooling is directly related to hands-on work, training, and honing in on your desired craft. All in all, trade jobs are both valuable and necessary in the world we live in. So, by deciding on this route you can ensure a career that suits your wants and needs.

Just because this year is extremely challenging and unique for many graduates, this doesn’t mean you can’t work towards a career that you enjoy. By exploring these various professional ideas, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll find a career and pursue a passion that speaks to your desires.