How to Dress to the Nines When Attending An Indian Wedding

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Indian wedding celebrations are large, joyful, and colorful affairs, and the effort and care you put into selecting your outfit reflects the love and the joy you feel for the couple. With this in mind, it’s important to familiarize yourself with basic Indian culture, and one way to do this is by learning which colors are acceptable at these events and which ones aren’t.

Black and red, for instance, are two of the colors that you should stay away from. Red, because this is what the bride typically wears, and black because it represents sadness, bad luck, or mourning. Bold colors are appreciated, and there’s no such thing as too much jewelry. However, if you still don’t know what to wear, visit the couple’s wedding website for some ideas. Besides this, here are some tips on the best dresses and accessories to wear to an Indian nuptial celebration.



The most common Indian wedding dresses for women are Indian sarees and lehengas. A saree is a long piece of silk fabric that’s wrapped around the body. Indian sarees are very popular but can be difficult to wear, especially if you’ve never worn one before. What makes sarees complicated for beginners is the fact that winding sari fabric can be a tricky affair.

Luckily, there are other saree options to choose from in case the traditional saree proves to be a bit of a challenge for you. A pre-stitched designer saree, for instance, is a great option because, unlike the traditional saree, it has a pleated skirt instead. With these pre-stitched pleats, you won’t need to struggle with the drape.



A lehenga is a three-piece set that consists of a scarf and a cropped blouse worn over an A-line skirt. These days, bridal lehengas are more popular than sarees because they are easier to wear and flatter every body type.

Indian gowns are also a great option if you’re looking for something unique to wear because, besides being incredibly easy to accessorize, gowns are an elegant and comfortable style option. If you’re looking for added comfort, consider a salwar kameez. A salwar kameez is a two-piece set that consists of a loose pair of pants and a long top.

Head Dress


Considering that the special occasion will be officiated in a place of worship, expect to take off your shoes at some point. Anticipating this, get a proper mani-pedi before the ceremony, and wear shoes that you can easily slip in and out. If possible, ensure that the shoes won’t cause a noise disturbance, should you decide to move around.

For Hindu or Sikh ceremonies, etiquette requires both men and women to have their heads covered at some point. Knowing this, carry a scarf, or if wearing a saree, drape some of the fabric over your head. Traditional Indian wedding attire covers the legs, shoulders, and arms as well. So if you opt for western wear, ensure that these areas are covered.

To show respect for Indian culture and customs, avoid anything that shows cleavage, dresses that don’t go below the knee, or tight clothing.

Online Shopping for the Best Attire

To help you with your search for new designer saree options, for instance, consider checking Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds for wedding style inspo. Social media is also quite resourceful when it comes to discovering new brands, new fashion designers, and their top collections of accessories and jewels. This research will also help you become familiar with prices, brands, and designs. The information gleaned from this research can then help you make an informed decision as you shop. Once you’re ready to shop, consider online shops that deal in Indian wedding attire exclusively. This is because most of these shops will have a variety of unique styles to choose from.

Online shopping is another great way to get a fashion inspiration, especially when it comes to unique styles in jewelry. Besides giving you the option to shop necklaces, the best online jewelry stores also allow you to make customized engraved options. These can also double up as a great wedding gift. Alternatively, if you’re still figuring out your style, the best online jewelry stores will also give you the option to peruse through unique best-selling gifts for more style inspiration. Look for reliable vendors like Kendra Scott, who has necklaces in rose gold, yellow gold, and every other metal, as well as bracelets, earrings, and any other accessory you might want to wear for optimal elegance.



Accessories are a great way to make a statement, and luckily with Indian weddings, the more fine jewelry you have on, the better. Necklaces are some of the most versatile pieces of jewelry you can own, because of the many ways that you can style them. Additionally, they’re available in so many colors, but most of all, they look beautiful against vibrant lehengas and sarees.

If you’re attending a summer Indian wedding, for instance, a neck piece with yellow gold will look great in natural light, and make your outfit stand out. Alternatively, if your lehenga blouse doesn’t have any embroidery, a chunky neckpiece can help tie your outfit together. If chokers aren’t really your style, a short rose gold necklace can also add a touch of elegance. A quick Google search for “engagement rings in Avon Lake, OH” will lead you towards shops that have jewelry that’s worthy of a special event like this.