Ideas for Celebrating Your Birthday in NYC

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Whether you’re a New York native or visiting for the weekend, there is nothing like a birthday in the city. The Big Apple is full of unique ways to celebrate with friends. So, this is the year to break out of your dinner-and-drinks routine. Here are a few exciting ideas for celebrating your birthday in New York City.

See A Broadway Show

Scoring tickets to a Broadway show is always a treat, and this cultural experience is a great way to spend your birthday. Invite a few close friends to the show and snag your tickets ahead of time. Before you head to the Aladdin Musical or other show of your choice, enjoy dinner with your group as well. Bonus point if you all get dressed up. Now you’ll remember this special evening every time you hear an Aladdin song.

Hire A Magician

New York City is a hub for celebrity magicians, but why not host your own private show? You and your crew can hire a musician to come to a party at your apartment. It’s a great way to ensure a good time without organizing an excursion. Just do a search for which magician Long Island and New York City residents recommend, reading reviews for the best-rated entertainers. And since you’re never too old for a theme party, keep the magic going with decorations, food, and drinks.

Try An Escape Room

Feeling adventurous? Invite your friends to an escape room on your birthday. During this activity, you and your friends will collaborate to solve clues and unlock the room. It’s a great way to bond as a group while enjoying some laughs along the way. You can head to a bar or restaurant after to continue the celebrations, and of course, poke fun at your escape room antics.

Volunteer With Friends

As you receive love and gifts on your birthday, consider giving this compassion back to your community. Ask your friends and family members to volunteer with you on your birthday. This option is generally best for NYC locals since you’ll be benefitting the neighborhoods where you live. Whether serving meals at a soup kitchen or cleaning up the park, giving back is often more fulfilling than traditional birthday celebrations. And your friends will likely be excited to join you.

Go Dancing

No matter how you spend the day, there are plenty of ways to celebrate your special day at night. Try getting a crew together to go dancing for your birthday. Whether you go to a club in Manhattan or a band in Brooklyn, dancing all night will create exciting memories with your friends. Feeling something more low key? Consider nighttime bowling, roller skating, or a pub crawl instead. Just be sure to grab a slice of pizza to refuel on the way home.

Explore A New Neighborhood

If you’re looking for a laid back birthday, you might spend the day exploring. Choose a neighborhood or two that you’ve never explored. Then grab a few friends and wander. Whether in Chelsea, Astoria, or Williamsburg, you’ll be sure to find delicious cuisines, fun cocktails, interesting art, and fun local shops. Not sure where to go next? Ask a local. You’ll get to know the city like never before as you openly explore. And this exploration might just become a birthday tradition in your friend group.

Whether you’re a fun-loving night owl or artsy type, New York City has your ideal birthday celebration in store. You can see a broadway show, spend the day volunteering, or dance all night with your friends. Or you can spend the day doing all of these activities and more.