Sex and Scoliosis: Tips for Better Sex

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Sexual intimacy is physically demanding, and people who suffer from back pain related to scoliosis know all too well how painful sex can be. Back pain can quickly limit a person’s sex life and negatively impact sexual satisfaction. People living with scoliosis can take charge of their sex lives and enjoy intimacy with this guide on sex and scoliosis: tips for better sex. 

Make A Pain Assessment

Back pain caused by disc problems usually increases when one bends forward, known as spinal flexion. Spinal extension, or bending the spine in the opposite direction, can alleviate some of this pain. There are sexual positions that either minimize spinal flexion or increase spinal extension. Before trying new positions, first determine how much a spine can be arched or flexed without pain. 

If pain results in either direction, look for positions that stabilize the back. If the spine can be flexed with little pain, focus on pelvic movements that keep the back straight. If flexing isn’t an option, focus on positions that allow the back to stay still. The key to any spinal condition is to avoid stress and anxiety that cause muscle tension and pain. 

Medical specialists are necessary for help when it comes to navigating sexual activity and back pain. Scoliosis Systems is a team of expert doctors and therapists who take a whole-body approach to treat patients with scoliosis. The experts at Scoliosis Systems have a combined 35 years of experience treating spinal deformities and pioneered Scolio-Fit, a non-surgical program for correcting scoliosis. Scoliosis Systems doctors and therapists are available in 15 regional centers throughout the country to see patients of all ages and situations. 

Get Into Position 

Knowing which positions reduce specific types of back pain allows for partners to adapt their positions to have a less painful intimate experience. 

The missionary position allows the receptive partner to support their lower back with a rolled towel or pillow to keep a slight arch in the spine. A slight arch keeps the back from going flat and forcing the pelvis forward. When the pelvis is pushed forward, it causes a spinal flexion. 

Sitting in a partner’s lap gives some control over the back’s position, as does kneeling which allows weight to be supported on the elbows. Sitting in a chair can also stabilize the back and reduce spinal flexion from vigorous movements. 

A face-down position will put the spine in an arch that can be controlled. To increase the arch place a pillow under the chest or prop up on the elbows. To decrease the arch place a pillow under the stomach. 

Sexual intimacy is unique to every couple and so is the preference for location. Just like there are several positions that can reduce back pain, thinking outside the bed can also reduce pain. Consider a firm surface, such as the floor, standing upright, or suspension. The best way to enjoy pain-free intimacy is to openly discuss physical limitations with a partner and together figure out what works best. 

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Tips To Reduce Back Pain Before And After Sex

Take a pain reliever before engaging in sexual activity if already experiencing pain. Soaking in a hot bath or shower will help loosen muscles and lower the risk for muscle spasm and tightness. Daily stretching will help loosen muscles and increase flexibility. If there is tension in the back following sexual activity ice the area for 15-20 minutes to reduce inflammation. The spine naturally stretches out throughout the day and alleviates disc compression. Instead of having morning sex, wait a few hours until the body has been active for a less painful interaction.