Should You Get a Pharmacy Discount Card?

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If you’re already covered by health insurance, you might not see the need for a pharmacy discount card. Or, even if you’re not, you might still be hesitant. What if there’s a catch? What if I’m not eligible? What if my pharmacist doesn’t honor the discount card for my medication? But, if you take any kind of prescription drug, regardless of whether you’re insured or not, a discount card can help you save money and have a better pharmacy experience. But why should you get a pharmacy discount card?

Insurance doesn’t cover every medication.

If you fill prescriptions often, you’ve probably encountered some medication that wasn’t covered by insurance. In many cases, people go without critical medicine due to cost if their prescription isn’t affordable. With a pharmacy discount card, you’ll be able to save money on any medications that aren’t covered by insurance. Even if your coverage includes your prescription medication, you might just find that the savings you get with your discount card are actually better than your insurance savings! When you sign up for a discount card, make sure your go-to local pharmacy participates in the discount program. Then, ask your pharmacist to compare the costs of prescription medication with insurance versus the same medication with the pharmacy discount card.

Chronic medical conditions come with long-term costs.

Throughout the United States and the world, patients face chronic medical conditions—and the costs that come with them. From high blood pressure and chronic migraine to fibromyalgia and asthma, you’ll either have a long-term diagnosis yourself or know someone who does. From diagnosis through treatment options, you’ll face countless expenses along the way. In scoliosis treatment, for example, a child might be given a brace to support the spine.
In a treatment-resistant, severe type of scoliosis, such as disc degeneration or adult degenerative scoliosis, your doctor might recommend fusion surgery. With each step, you’ll face a new expense, be it the costs of testing, surgery, or medication. With a prescription discount card, you’ll save some money on at least one portion of your medical costs.

You’ll get to compare pharmacies to get the best deal.

Throughout your treatment plan, you might just have your doctor send any prescriptions to your same local pharmacy. But, when you’re using a pharmacy discount card, you’ll definitely want to compare your pharmacy options. Some pharmacies will offer different discounts or coupons on a particular medication, meaning you can get a better deal at one pharmacy than another. Whether it’s a medicine to treat back pain from mild scoliosis or a simple round of antibiotics, this comparison will help you find the best discount and save the most money on your prescription.

Saving money is always a good idea.

Even the wealthiest person likes to save money. If you were shopping and someone offered you a coupon catch-free, why wouldn’t you take it? The same is true when it comes to a pharmacy discount. Because Americans of every age and income level are eligible, there’s reason to not take advantage of a prescription discount card and the savings that come with it. Best of all, your pharmacy discount card can cover your entire family—that means, when the stomach bug makes its way through everyone in the house, you can save money on each round of medicine that’s prescribed.
Whether you’re dealing with a chronic condition like scoliosis or you just want to save a little extra money through cold and flu season, a prescription discount card will pay off for you and your loved ones (including your furry family members). With coupons, discounts, and the opportunity to compare pharmacies for the best discount possible, you know you’ll be getting the best deal on your medication, with or without insurance coverage.