The Best Ways to Secure Your Dig Sites

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Mining sites are locations where materials are extracted from the earth. The types of materials mined vary widely and include precious metals, such as gold, and minerals, such as salt.

The mining industry generates billions of dollars in revenue each year, but it also faces multiple threats that jeopardize its profits. Mines can be affected by protests over environmental concerns. Mines are also targets for thieves because of the valuable goods and equipment at mining locations. It’s also crucial for mines to secure their dig sites to prevent accidents and injuries. Continue reading to examine some security options to find the best way to protect your dig site.

Install security cameras.


Security cameras are cameras that gather footage of a specific item or area. Network video recorder (NVR) systems use Internet Protocol (IP) cameras. IP cameras capture visual and audio footage. The NVR system connects to the Internet wirelessly or uses Ethernet cables to connect. Ethernet cables are superior to coaxial cables because they can transmit more data faster than coaxial cables, ensuring optimal upload speeds.

Thanks to their ability to upload data to the Internet, cloud-based security cameras offer cloud storage. This means your security footage doesn’t rely on local storage. It’s stored online, so you don’t have to worry about running out of hard drive space to store recorded footage. When your footage is online, it’s possible to access the footage remotely, enabling you to use your security cameras to monitor your mine on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. You can review footage from any location with Internet access, download video clips, or forward clips to law enforcement officers.

Google “security camera cloud service” to learn more about cloud video storage. Another critical advantage of using cloud-based video storage is that cloud storage is compatible with a wide range of hardware. You won’t have to upgrade your equipment when your cloud-based storage updates its technology. This makes maintaining a cloud-based security system more affordable than other systems, such as digital video recorder (DVR) systems.

Ensure your security system connects with other alarm systems.


Modern security systems can connect to other alarms to maximize site security. This means that you can program your security system to send alerts to designated personnel in the event of any site concern, including unauthorized access or fires. Internet-based security systems can also notify the appropriate authorities in the event of a threat. Your security system can alert the fire department if a fire alarm goes off, and it can contact the police if it detects an intruder on the premises.

Hire security guards.


Mines such as Alamos Gold, Turkey face multiple security issues. A gold mine may attract thieves who want to steal ounces of gold from the mining company. Gold mines, such as Alamos Gold Inc., may also store dangerous substances at the mines. For example, cyanide is used to separate ounces of gold from ore. Exposure to cyanide can cause severe health issues, such as respiratory problems and seizures. Alamos Gold Inc. protects the staff by ensuring their equipment can’t be compromised by vandals and preventing thieves from accessing harmful substances, such as cyanide. Since Alamos Gold Inc. operates in Turkey and North America, they must comply with local regulatory requirements for operating mines legally and safely.

Mines can hire security guards to patrol their dig sites. Security guards monitor video cameras and investigate suspicious activity. Security guards also patrol the area to ensure and look for potential security issues, such as damaged fences and broken locks. In addition to these tasks, security guards may monitor all people entering and leaving the dig site and keep records. Monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic’s an effective way to narrow the list of suspects if materials or equipment are damaged or missing. Security guards can prevent unauthorized access, leading to accidents or injuries if a person’s exposure to harmful substances or falls into a mine shaft.

Mine security is crucial. It protects the mine’s profits, prevents accidents, and ensures that the mine can operate safely. Installing a security system, integrating the site’s other alarm systems with your security system, and hiring security guards are effective ways to secure your dig site.