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What Happens When Your Body Is Low on Electrolytes?

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Everyone needs a healthy balance of electrolytes in their bodies but electrolytes must be regulated to ensure proper function. When your count is low, symptoms of dizziness, cramps, irregular heart rhythms, and even confusion can develop. 

Similar reactions can occur if your body has too many electrolytes. If you feel as though you have a severe imbalance, seek the assistance of a physician as soon as possible. Eating foods and fluids that are naturally enriched with electrolytes often can help reduce the risk of an imbalance.

Electrolytes And You

Having a healthy balance of electrolytes is essential. Electrolytes regulate fluid levels in both your blood plasma and your body. When balanced, they keep the pH levels in your blood at 7.357.45 which is in the normal range. Electrolytes help with muscle contraction, especially for your heartbeat. Along with other essential components in your blood, electrolytes help your blood to clot and build new tissue. Nerves from the heart, muscle, and nerve cells use electrolytes to transmit signals to other cells.

Electrolyte Imbalances

Electrolyte imbalances can be caused by losing fluids, not drinking or eating, chronic respiratory problems, high levels of pH in the blood and certain medications. During an illness, electrolyte loss is common due to persistent vomiting and diarrhea. Excessive sweating and fever can also cause imbalance. 

If you’re taking a diuretic or laxative and feel as though you have depleted your electrolyte count, you may be right. Taking steroids, diuretics, laxatives, as well as certain medications, can cause your electrolytes to lower. 

Green teas and other caffeinated drinks that are considered diuretics should be limited and supplemented with natural electrolytes ensuring that an imbalance does not occur. Talk to your doctor about healthy ways to intake diuretics and balance your electrolytes.

What To Do During An Imbalance

There are mild imbalances that can lead to severe ones if you think you have a mild imbalance you should drink fluids that contain natural electrolytes such as coconut water and eat foods rich in electrolytes. Foods such as spinach, turkey, potatoes, beans, avocados, oranges, soybeans, and strawberries contain electrolytes. Naturally introducing electrolytes back into your body is a healthy way to balance out your electrolytes.

For severe imbalances that sports drinks and Pedialyte doesn’t resolve, seek medical help. Make your way to an emergency room and if you’re worried about health insurance, there are short term options available. Don’t incur unnecessary bills. Get health insurance quotes and see what kind of health care services you can get within your current budget.

Severely low electrolyte imbalances are serious and should be treated immediately. Certain illnesses like Cancer have a higher incidence of low electrolyte imbalances in patients. Cancer is especially prevalent because patients taking chemotherapy are constantly nauseated. It is not uncommon for a patient’s doctor to check the elasticity of the skin to ensure that your body is getting enough electrolytes. Speak to your doctor about introducing natural electrolytes to your body.

When you’re suffering from low electrolytes, the longer you wait to seek treatment the more severe your symptoms will be. Drinking fluids and eating foods enriched with electrolytes daily can help reduce the risk of an imbalance. This can be as simple as drinking a glass of coconut water a day. The safest way to proceed when you feel as though your electrolytes are imbalanced is to seek out medical attention. Take care of your health first and get a checkup today!