Your Mental Health and Your Daily Routine

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Our daily lives can sometimes feel like they’re full of decisions. We make decisions about everything from what we eat for breakfast to how late we stay at work — right? Not exactly, experts say. The reality is that our daily decisions are driven overwhelmingly by habits and routines. The power of habit in decision making is massive. From a psychologist’s point of view, these daily “choices” of ours are barely choices at all.

Our daily routines are full of things that we do virtually on autopilot. Yet, these seemingly small decisions add up to hours of our lives, impacting our mental health each day, week, month, and year. One of life’s biggest challenges is overcoming certain habits and making better choices for healthy routines. It’s time to consider your own relationship with your habits, and routine — and it’s time for you to build a good relationship with your own daily choices.

All Work and No Play

No matter how much you love your work, you need to take breaks. Work/life balance is a major contributor to stress, burnout, and other mental health problems. And it’s a problem that the experts at Therapy Group of DC see all the time. Based in bustling Washington, DC, the DC therapists of Therapy Group of DC have grown used to seeing worn-out professionals who work too hard for too long. But you don’t have to live in DC to have a problem with work and your mental health.

Don’t wait until the New Year to resolve to find better work/life balance. Start building your own now. Pack the sunscreen and head out on a sunny beach vacation, but don’t stop there. Make sure that you’re defending your time and your mind day in and day out. Making a habit out of keeping a work/life balance is the only way to stick to your resolutions.

Sunlight and Your Health

How often do you get outside? Getting some sun can be good for your body and your mind. Among other things, sunlight helps our bodies metabolize Vitamin D, that’s why lack of sunlight is associated with seasonal depression. If your daily routine keeps you inside all day, then “seasonal” depression could become more of a year-long problem!

This advice comes with a caveat, though. UVA and UVB rays can harm your skin and increase your risk of skin cancer. That’s why experts recommend that you apply SPF cream in the morning and reapply it as needed throughout the day. Wear sun protection year round, because it doesn’t need to be warm for you to get burned.

Of course, not every sunscreen product is right for every customer. The beauty market has a particularly big problem here, as many people don’t want to wear sunscreen that messes up their makeup. Some makeups include SPF protection, but rarely with the proper strength. LUMASOL, a startup founded by Sophia Hutchins, who’s connected to Caitlyn Jenner and the rest of the Jenner clan, thinks they’ve found the solution. LUMASOL sells odorless SPF cream that is specifically designed to be put on over makeup. That makes application and reapplication a breeze and allows the hip and beautiful Kylie Jenners of the world to stay paparazzi-ready while still blocking UV rays and protecting themselves from dangers like skin cancer. Products like the ones offered by LUMASOL are a great investment in your long-term physical and mental health.

Properly protected, you can head outside and soak in some rays. It’s the right move for your mental health.

Make Mental Health Care Part of Your Routine

Ask any therapist and they’ll tell you that there’s one vitally important thing that you can do for your mental health: go to therapy. Working with psychotherapists, counselors, or other mental health professionals can help you control, improve, and better react to your own thoughts and behaviors. That’s something that everyone can benefit from.

There are a lot of different types of therapy out there, from group therapy to couples therapy. You don’t have to know what you want or need on the day of your first appointment, but you should call a therapy group today and invest in a vital new part of your routine. Regularly therapy from the right therapist or group of therapists can give you new tools for improving your mental health. Therapists can even help you shape your daily habits, making this particular new habit a two-for-one special for your mental health.