5 Small Business Ideas That Could Be Worth Millions

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Now is a great time to start creating a business plan for your new source of income. If your entrepreneurial spirit is flying high right now, here are a few business ideas that can make you some major cash.

1. Essential Oils

Although essential oils have been used for traditional medicine and personal care for years, they’ve recently grown in popularity. There has been a stream of social media pages that feature the benefits and power of pure essential oils. These essential oils (full of important minerals such as antioxidants and vitamin C) are often used for daily use during skincare routines, so there’s a good chance that consumers spend much of their money on building up their collection. If you’re looking to start an essential oil business, you’re heading in the right direction: this business opportunity is sure to be worth the effort!


If you’re ready to start your business plan to sell your own oils, you’ll want to have a wholesale membership with Visagenics. Visagenics is an international manufacturing company that specializes in creating premium essential oils. They offer a wide range of oils, all of which are pure and natural: rose oil, sweet almond, seed oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil, and many others. As a wholesale member, this is the best way to build a starter kit to kick off your essential oil business. Visit Visagenics to learn more about their direct sales of essential oils.

2. Smoothie Subscription

As the weather’s getting warmer, a cool and refreshing smoothie is at the top of everyone’s wishlist. Due to Covid-19, it may be a bit difficult to physically go to shops for the frozen delight; it also gets a bit expensive to order the drinks with delivery services consistently. Since consumers probably have more time at home, they may as well spend that time creating their own smoothies!

With a smoothie subscription business, you’ll get to send your customers custom packages that have everything they need to make the perfect frozen drink. Not only can this business be convenient for consumers, but it’s also a healthy way to get the recommended daily fruit serving. Check out how these smoothie subscriptions run to gain some inspiration for your own business.

3. Yoga Training

Yoga is one of the best ways to improve your physical and health. You can also enhance your mental health by implementing breathing exercises, meditation, and mantras in addition to practicing yoga. When you’re glowing from the inside, you always look (and feel) better. With the Covid-19 pandemic still causing unrest in hearts all over America, people are definitely on the look-out for healthy outlets to combat this turmoil.

As a yoga instructor, you can either hold in-person classes (with appropriate social distancing, of course) or you can hold virtual classes through Zoom, Google Hangouts, or any other video conference platform. You can also record videos to post on to social media platforms so your clients (and future clients!) can follow along easily.

4. Book Club Subscription

Book clubs are making a major comeback.

While everyone’s been on their own respective stay-at-home orders, there’s been plenty of time to read. Launching a book club may be a non-traditional business, but you can charge for membership and subscription fees. Whatever direction you decided to go with it, a book club would definitely help others embrace some much-needed self-care.


Bitch Media is a good publication for finding books for your club. They compile impressive lists of books that make for a great read and an even greater impact.f

5. Stationery

Something else print-related is making a comeback during these secluded times: handwritten cards and letters!

Receiving these heartfelt words and gestures in a physical form (rather than an electronic notification) can really make a sweet difference. If you’re interested in starting your own stationery line, get together with a graphic designer and start to sketch out your ideas!