Recent COVID-19 updates are showing that it’s becoming safe to reopen our cherished hair salons and barber shops. While the beauty industry is rejoicing, it’s also strategizing on how to open their salons back up in the safest manner. Here are the five major steps to opening your own salon, if this is something that you wanted to do pre-pandemic. Now, you finally have the chance of making your hair salon business dream come true!

1. Style Up the Salon

As a business owner, it’s definitely an exciting moment when you receive the keys to your building. There’s just something exhilarating about having an empty studio (er, blank canvas!) to dazzle up for your liking. What color scheme will you carefully select? Is there a particular design you’d like to explore? How is the layout going to be? Where will you be getting all of the necessary salon equipment from?

For that last concern, we’ve got you covered: Keller International. Keller International provides high-quality salon equipment for beauty salons, hair salons, and barber shops. They have everything you would ever need: salon chairs, barber chairs, and several other pieces of essential Keller salon equipment (such as carts and trolleys, reception area furniture, and LED mirrors). Not only are the Keller shipments completely free, but they offer incredible customer service. You’ll never have to worry about receiving unsatisfying Keller products; relax in knowing this reliable company will supply your salon with everything it needs to thrive.

2. Clean Plan

Even though your customers are excited to get their hair cut and colored again, it’s likely that they’re also a little nervous. It’s best to put them at ease by implementing a safety plan that includes the sanitization methods used to keep the store (and everyone who enters) squeaky clean. Here are a few precautions to take:

  • Set up hand-washing and hand-sanitizing stations at the front of the store for clients to use upon arrival, in addition to setting up stations across the salon for employees to use.
  • Require all employees to wear face masks and gloves, in addition to requiring all clients and customers to wear a face mask as well.
  • Set a limit for how many people are allowed in the store.

Given with the recent COVID-19 updates, both your team and clients should be understanding of any new policies.

3. Pub It Up

An essential key to a successful opening of a salon is marketing. When you’re able to promote your opening in an exciting and effective manner, your audiences are not only aware of the occasion, but they’re expecting a good experience! While you’re marketing your opening, take advantage of the impact that social media holds. It’s a good (and fun!) idea to even do a countdown as your campaign. That way, you’re consistent with your postings and there’s a good chance that more of your audience will be engaged.

4. Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Your employees are probably just as excited about the store opening up as you are. Even with all the excitement, it’s important that your team is on the same page with the opening. Before you officially open the doors up, take some time to do team training. Hold meetings that will explain how the salon will run, situations and scenarios to be prepared for, and essential information that will help enable business to run correctly. A sit-down with your team will go a long way!

5. Dress Up to Show Up


This may possibly be the most fun step for you: shopping for clothes! Grand openings require grand appearances, and now is the time for you to the dress the part of success. If you’re in dire need of some new women’s clothing for your opening, we have the perfect place for you!

Chico’s is a women’s clothing and apparel company that offers several collections for you to browse through for a stunning look. In light of COVID-19 conditions, curbside and pick-up at store is now available! Head over to Chico’s website and search clothes near me to find what select stores can assist you in dressing the part.