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5 Ways to Find a Date in 2020

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This year is hard enough without being single. Between quarantining and the overall disruption of schedules, it can be particularly hard to meet someone during this time. All of these extra hours that you have to sit and think about your priorities have maybe given you a new perspective on what you really want.

If finding someone to share your life with and being in a healthy relationship is something you’ve found you desire during your 2020 soul searching—like it or not— the first step is to date. Here are five ways that you can find a date during 2020, so you can start a budding romance.

Pick up some new skills.

During 2020, because there’s been less time for face-to-face interaction, a lot of people have decided to pick up new skills. From pasta making to embroidery, people have finally had the time to master something new.

Be honest with yourself, how well do you do when asking a woman out? Are you shy? Do you tend to say the wrong thing? Is your body language giving off confidence? Women like people who are confident. It makes them feel comfortable. If asking someone out on a date makes you so nervous that you’re bombing every time, you’re not a failure, you just haven’t acquired the skill of asking a woman out.

Luckily for you, 2020 is the year of learning new things. So, why not train for when you’re able to go out and meet people. Pick Up Artist Training can supply instructional videos that will help you have more game. This website is a resource for men who have been down on their luck in the dating field and need a few strategies and pointers to boost their confidence. It’s not hard to learn how to approach women, but if you’re not sure what women really want, Pick Up Artist Training could be useful for you.

Pick a new dating app.

If Tinder hasn’t rendered you any interesting dates, maybe it’s because the people on that app are only interested in short term hookups. There are apps for people who are more serious about dating. Try using Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, or both. Cast your net wide. Finding the right person for you could simply be a numbers game. The more people you see, the more likely it is that you’ll find something that lasts.

Get a new hobby.

As the world reopens after the pandemic, people are going to be going to practice their newfound hobbies in a more social setting. Join a cooking, pottery, or guitar class. Other single people will be looking to meet new people even just as friends, because everyone is missing the personal connection that a Zoom meeting just doesn’t cover.

Don’t visit your previous haunts.

The saying goes that “the definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing, the same way, and expecting different results.” If you haven’t been able to find a date at the local bar you go to every weekend, maybe it’s just not attracting the kind of people who are interested in you. Figure out what kind of people are attracted to you, and hang out where they like to go. A sports bar that’s primarily men probably won’t get you a date. Go try another bar for a few weeks.

Rekindle something old.

Have you always wondered what would have happened if you’d had the guts to ask your high school friend out? Thankfully, with social media, you can see if that friend is single or committed. If they’re single, reach out again. Try to meet up. Rekindle your friendship and maybe start a romance.