Gift Ideas for the Whole Family in 2020

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Thanks to COVID-19, the upcoming holiday season is going to be a little different compared to previous years. As Thanksgiving day approaches, signifying the end of the last month before Christmas, so too do the Black Friday discounts where almost all major retailers lower prices and promote all kinds of deals to drive sales. Last year, no later than the Black Friday ads aired on T.V. for the first time, the hardcore shoppers were readying their tents to camp outside the stores with the best deals for the 5 a.m. local time early access opening.

It’s not unfair to assume that the 2020 Black Friday sales will seem like a long way from where we were this time last year. Although there’s still a short length of time before the biggest sales event of the year begins, social distancing is probably going to put a pin in those long queues for those fantastic deals and large lines for price drops on the latest releases of the new consoles in the PS5 and Xbox Series X or those great discounts for Nintendo Switch accessories.

Black Friday itself is not canceled, but it will be different compared to last year. There are still good deals to be had, and the lowest price will be apparent if you look hard enough. It’s likely that Christmas, too, will have a different feel than the festive seasons of previous years, and it might be worth thinking a little differently about what to get the family for holiday gifts.

As Nov. changes to Dec. on our calendars and the big day appears to get closer and closer, let’s take a look at some gift ideas for the whole family in 2020.

Online Shopping

This year, it’s evident that the best way to get ahead on those great deals will be in online sales. This, in itself, has both pros and cons. Yes, there’s less likely that there will be fighting over the last iPad Pro, which has been discounted from its full price by almost 50%. Even the best press in the world can’t be missing that particular story, as every year retailers are forced to put out damage control press releases that minimize the extremes that people will go to in order to get the low price on ordinarily expensive goods. Plus, shopping online keeps everyone away from brick-and-mortar stores and therefore lowers the possibility of infection. The only downside to online shopping for Black Friday deals is that there’s no room to barter a little bit with the deals team and get better deals as a result. Of course, with most Black Friday deals, chances are that the price you see is probably the best price you’ll get!

The good news with online shopping, like shopping in physical stores, is that coupons can be used to get good deals and the lowest price all year round. If you want to know how to get the best deals for Black Friday 2020, then get over to CouponToken’s website and see all of the options on there. With discounts on a wide range of small appliances like headphones and laptops to price reductions on larger appliances from brands such as Dyson, it would be worth combing through to see what’s available sooner and avoid the holiday season rush for package deliveries.

The other useful part about coupons, in addition to their year-long window of opportunity to use them, is that they can be gifted as well. It isn’t a usual gift, but if a family member is more suited to getting supplies from a drugstore than an electronic shop selling laptops, then consider it as an option. Put it in a fancy card, deliver on Christmas Day, and let them decide what to get themselves.

Shop locally.

Some shoppers will have noticed that, for the first time, many retailers began early sales as a response to the Coronavirus restrictions. This has proven to be a great option to minimalize the impact that a smaller Black Friday was going to have on the bigger retailers. In addition, some retailers, such as Best Buy, have already begun selling their latest deals under their Best Buy Black Friday Holiday sales promotion, meaning that Best Buy members have already had a good start to the Black Friday weekend.

That being said, a price adjustment or two may be good for those huge shopping powerhouses which can afford to reduce the price of the new iPhone or tablet, but a local store selling more handmade or bigger cost-price goods will not be able to do this throughout the entire, or even part of, November. Selling their goods at regular price may be their only option. One idea to really help each other out this Christmas would be to check out what small, local businesses are selling and see if there is anything that can be bought as a gift.

Another wonderful aspect of shopping more locally this year is the satisfaction of knowing that you and your family have helped someone else out this year. Yes, Mario Kart might have been cheaper at GameStop than at a local vendor, but when you and your family sit down to select which course you’ll be racing, wouldn’t you feel better knowing that you gave more to someone else this year?

Think ahead.

With a bit of luck, and a lot of hard work by scientists, the Coronavirus as we know it may not be around for much longer. It might be worth getting ahead of the curve and gifting something for the whole family ahead of time. Should the pandemic be (hopefully) inert by the summer, wouldn’t it be nice for you and the whole family to celebrate in a brand new pool? As far as a typical pool design goes these days, you can always spruce it up with water features like miniature waterfalls or high quality patterned pathways laid by professional pavers in order to keep it looking great all year around.

Incidentally, if you’re based in Palmetto, Sarasota, Tampa, Ellenton, or Lakeland, then give Bradenton Florida pool contractors Olympus Pools a look. They have years of experience as custom pool builders, which is paramount for a pool company. Furthermore, they also work to create outdoor kitchens and areas for the whole family to enjoy. Just give them the specs, and they will do the rest, installing pumps to keep the water clean, laying appropriate paving to keep the surrounding area dry, and making sure that all of the pools are leak-proof and ready for use.

Even if you aren’t Lakewood Ranch, Fl pool owners, there’s no harm in inquiring with your local pool builder for a durable water feature or a brand new pool as a gift for the whole family.

Birds Of A Feather

If there is one uptick that COVID-19 gave us, it’s the opportunity to spend time with our young family members. As schools closed and the young ones were sent home, we found that they really were chips off the old block. This may be a surprising suggestion to you, but consider getting them something that would normally be reserved for parents or older children like a trip to the nail salon for a mani-pedi. Manicures are becoming a wonderful bonding experience for parent and child. Nail art is often a source of interest for kids, and many adults often find their manicure or pedicure hypnotizing the youngster who is looking at it.

However, if restrictions are still in effect where you are, and a trip to the salon is not possible, then here is the next thing: faux nails. Although not quite the same, there are benefits to having a gel manicure by way of adhesive as opposed to acrylic on the natural nail. For one, you and your child won’t have to endure the strong scent of the salon’s acetone supply should you be using adhesive tabs as nail glue. Secondly, faux nails, whilst interchangeable, are also incredibly durable, and you may not be as likely to see chips form. Finally, you don’t need any form of power tools to apply or refine the nails once they have been applied, meaning you can rest assured that your child is safe in the application of artificial nails. If you want the best stick on nails, then check out ManiMe.

As with everything, the pandemic has made a lot of difference to our gift buying this year. But whether you choose to shop locally, for the future, or for all at once, remember to always take out the warranty and keep the receipts!