How to Keep Your Pet Happy During Renovations or Redecoration

a cat lying on a blanket

Renovations and redecorations can be a stressful time, and not just for you, the homeowner, but also for your pet. The loud noises, the new people walking around your home, and the clanking of power tools can be stress triggers. While some pets can cope with strangers and loud noises, others don’t, and it scares them.

Having a scared or unhappy animal during a renovation is the last thing both construction workers and pet owners want. It can disrupt their day and affect your pet’s wellbeing. On that note, here are tips on how to keep your pet happy during renovations or redecorations.

1. Create a comfortable, safe space.


One way to keep any animal happy during a renovation is to create a safe space. In the case of dogs, they know their safe spot, and when it’s comfortable, they’ll enjoy spending time there as it brings them peace and comfort. A safe space also eliminates the risk of having your dog pull a ‘Houdini’ on you by escaping and running out of the house.

Typically, both cats and dogs choose safe spots that could be under the kitchen table or the side of a bed. Either way, ensure it’s away from the renovation site. You can pad an open crate with blankets for extra comfort. Also, if you have a hardwood floor with no carpet, you should consider getting a pet bed and padding it with pillows. You see, hardwood floors can be dangerous for pets, especially young pups.

Furthermore, ensure good air ventilation around the space, especially during the summer months. Heat can further agitate your pet and get it cranky. Having a ceiling fan or air conditioning unit will work. Although, this puts your HVAC’s filters at the risk of getting clogged by pet dander.

However, you can contact a reliable contractor to unclog the filters and maintain other amenities like your dishwasher, grill, and dryer once the renovation is over. Depending on your location, companies like probably exist in your local area. They’re efficient and provide air purification tests as well as a 24/7 emergency service.

2. Monitor your pet’s movement.

This tip probably goes with saying, but ensure that you keep watch over your pets, especially in the construction zone. Some animals like to eat anything, from dried mud to plastic and bits of dried mud. These behaviors can cause damage to items used for remodeling, like your new windows.

No doubt, vinyl windows are scratch-proof and durable, so your pet may not be able to damage them. So, it might be a good idea to purchase vinyl windows beforehand. They’re easy to find online. Let’s say you live in the Houston area; a quick Google search for “Houston Vinyl windows” will likely deliver dome viable results.

3. Move to temporary accommodation.


Sometimes, the noise and disturbance that come with remodeling can be unbearable. Your best bet may be relocating and staying either at a relative’s house, a hotel, or a short-term rental apartment. This will keep your pet happy and calm. For instance, you can opt for fully furnished apartments in Chicago if you live in the Chicago area. These Chicago apartments have flexible lease options, so you can choose between a short-term lease and a long-term lease, depending on how long it will take to complete your home’s renovation.

Think of it as a mini-vacation as the apartments typically have pinnacle-furnished suites with premium furnishings, concierge service, and professionals ready to attend to all your issues. Besides, changing location will also protect you and your pet’s wellbeing as you won’t have to deal with the noise and air pollution associated with remodeling.

4. Take your pet out for exercise.

This tip is particularly great for dog owners. Taking your pet out for a good exercise will help him escape the noise and make him happy. So, assuming before the construction, you usually took a short walk of about 20 minutes with your dog. This time around, double it by increasing the walking distance. Walk around a familiar backyard or parks where your pet can play with its fellow dog friends.

Dogs are always excited whenever they have the opportunity to stretch their legs. Besides, the walks excite them, and it’s also a great way to expel all the pent-up energy. However, ensure that you leash your dog before stepping out of the door.

You’ll need a sturdy and heavy-duty dog harness to keep your dog from disappearing. Joyride Harness has some of the best harnesses. They sell all kinds of models in many different colors and sizes. So, whether you have a small dog or a large dog, like a rottweiler, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

5. Try to stick to a specific routine.


When it comes to pets, it’s crucial to keep a consistent pet routine, whether you’re undergoing renovations or not. That’s because your pet must know what to expect, and this will go a long way to soothe his anxiety and stress.

No doubt, it’s easy to lose track of time when you’re renovating. However, make sure that your dog can be confident of its regular walks and standard meal time amid the chaos happening around your home.

6. Look out for any stress or anxiety.

Lastly, it is essential to monitor your dog’s stress and anxiety levels during renovations. Where it seems they’re unable to cope despite adopting these tips, perhaps, it’s time to consider a dog daycare or ask a relative to care for them during renovation. Alternatively, consider getting an anxiety wrap to calm your dog. Anxiety wraps are known to soothe dogs during fireworks displays, thunderstorms, and home renovations or redecorations like this. However, if your pet is still showing signs of stress and anxiety, talk to your vet about possible medication options and behavior therapy.

If all else fails, another great way to keep pets away from the construction site is by having a stash of treats and exciting new toys at your disposal. This will serve as a distraction. Alternatively, other distractions include turning on the TV or music, spending some quality puppy or cat time, and giving it a belly rub.