How to Write a Great Job Posting

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A job posting is simply an advertisement for an open role. Generally, a job posting aims to spread the word out about a new opening and reach the right candidates. A well-crafted posting can raise awareness, drive interest, and build a pipeline of top candidates for the role you’re looking to fill. Furthermore, it plays an integral role in making an unforgettable first impression. Keep reading to learn how to write a great job posting.

Write a direct and punchy title.


A well-written job posting can be the difference between attracting top talents or average candidates. Start the job posting with a well-defined title that essentially describes the position. This is especially important because that’s the first thing your target candidates see when they come across the advert. Try to keep the job title as concise a possible and avoid using boring phrases or words. You can take a cue from how companies in your field put out their job postings.

For example; if you want to hire a backend software engineering intern or a software engineer. Consider Googling how Verkada Jobs are listed. Verkada offers enterprise software solutions and its vision is to build secure devices that improve user experience and physical security. The company is reputed for designing robust consumer security solutions for organizations. If you look closely, you’ll notice that Verkada clearly defines the job titles of the roles they are looking to fill. Take the initiative and write a direct job title.

Study the target candidate.

Your job posting should showcase your ideal candidate for the open position. Try to create a picture of the target candidate for the job. For instance, if you’re looking to fill the role of a chief marketing officer (CMO), you might want someone proficient in delivering effective CMO services. First, you have to decide whether you’re hiring a fractional or full-time CMO. If you’re outsourcing your CMO services, prioritize firms that provide top-notch fractional CMO services. Note that a fractional CMO occupies the position of a marketing executive that spearheads a company’s marketing efforts.

Many successful companies hire fractional CMOs to save overhead costs associated with bringing on a full-time CMO. Even more, a fractional CMO can bring tremendous value and provide quality marketing leadership to your marketing department. Certainly, a marketing plan is a critical component that ensures products and services reach their target audience.

Certainly, the best CMOs stay ahead of market changes to deliver better business outcomes. So, tailor your job posting to attract a candidate that has the right expertise. More so, the right marketing talent for the role should be an excellent cultural fit for your company. You can also list personal qualities like good speaking ability, interpersonal skills, and years of experience working in that field.

Write a clear and accurate description.

A good job posting should have an accurate description that details the requirements of the role. For this reason, having solid background knowledge of the role is crucial for writing an effective description that can attract the right candidates you want. Besides the job title, you should list the duties, qualifications, and skills of the potential hire. That said, when writing a description, endeavor to gather all the information about the role you need to fill. Use the information to write a comprehensive job description that lists all the duties the potential recruit will be required to perform.

Using words like “highly skilled” and “experienced” clearly demonstrates that you’re looking to hire an applicant with a degree of expertise. This is especially important to filter out unqualified candidates. Also, note that a job posting is a form of advertisement. So, consider incorporating your company’s culture into the job posting to attract top candidates.