Is Therapy Covered By Insurance Or Do I Have To Pay?

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Mental health is no longer as stigmatized as it was in the past, which has increased the availability of resources and knowledge regarding mental health issues. However, this increase in resources has led to another issue. For those who may be going through a difficult time, the question is no longer if they can find help but whether or not they can afford it. 

The cost of therapy can seem out of reach for many. Fortunately, there is hope. If you have been asking yourself about how you are going to afford therapy, continue reading to learn more about whether or not therapy is covered by insurance (and how you can afford it if it isn’t). 

Does Insurance Cover Therapy Sessions? 

Put simply, most plans out there are going to cover therapy sessions, which is good news for you if you are covered under an employer or another traditional provider. However, there are some plans out there that do not cover mental health services at all or will place restrictions on the type of conditions that will be covered under their plan. 

If your plan does provide coverage, you may only be covered for a certain number of visits before you will have to pay out of pocket as well. It’s vital that you go over your plan and get in contact with your provider to learn more about what your coverage will provide. 

Even more important to consider, not all therapists or mental health professionals will accept insurance. Work with your provider to find a therapist near you who does accept your current plan so that you can receive the coverage you need for a portion of your treatment. If you do not have insurance but anticipate that you will not be able to pay the full price, you can always sign up for a short-term plan with a provider like agile health insurance so that you can receive the help you need. 

What If I Need to Pay Out Of Pocket? 

If you do not have insurance, don’t panic. There are still ways to pay for basic services like CBT therapy without breaking the bank. The first step to take is to reach out to therapists near you and to see if you can negotiate a deal with them. Remember, therapists are there to help you and many understand that therapy isn’t always the most affordable health service to access. Some may be willing to accept a large down payment upfront and then allow you to make small payments over your appointments. 

Other therapists will work on a sliding scale, connecting you with less experienced therapists at their practice or taking you on at a discounted rate. There are always ways to get the help you need if you are willing to ask for it. 

If you were unable to find help this way, there are other options out there. These options include: 

  • Finding an online therapy service to receive virtual care at a reduced price
  • Visiting a clinic where practicing psych students will be able to care for you for free
  • Seeking out support groups and other resources that will be able to improve your quality of life while you pay for the therapy that you can afford

Overall, the key takeaway is that insurance should cover your mental health visits, and you generally won’t have to worry about affording your care by yourself. If you do have a restrictive plan or if you don’t have insurance and are unable to afford it, use the tips above to help you find the affordable care that you need. 

If you feel as though you are at risk of harming yourself or others, reach out to emergency services to receive immediate care. You are worth it