Police Brutality in America

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As the United States grapples with a national conversation about race, police brutality has come into sharp focus. From high-profile killings of unarmed Black Americans to everyday harassment, Black people in the U.S. have long been subject to excessive force and mistreatment by law enforcement. Luckily, civil rights lawyers, such as Andrew M. Stroth, are working hard behind the scenes to hold police responsible and take legal action against them. Keep reading to learn more about police brutality in America.

Use of Excessive Force


Excessive use of force by law enforcement officers continues to be a serious problem in the United States. The law enforcement community has long argued that any use of force, no matter how minor, is justified if it protects the officer or the public from harm. However, this perspective often does not take into account the impact of such force on individuals who are subjected to it, particularly when it is not necessary. The use of excessive force by law enforcement officers can result in serious injuries or death, as exampled in George Floyd’s case. Victims of excessive force may file a lawsuit against the officer or law enforcement agency. Successful lawsuits may result in monetary damages, and in some cases, the officer may be criminally charged. Excessive force by law enforcement officers is a nationwide problem that must be addressed. Officers who use excessive force must be held accountable for their actions. Victims of excessive force deserve justice.

Wrongful Search and Seizure

There are a number of ways in which law enforcement personnel can wrongfully search and seize individuals and their property. One way is through improper use of search warrants. A search warrant must be based on probable cause and must specifically describe the items to be seized. If law enforcement personnel search and seize items not authorized by the warrant, this is known as a “general warrant” and is considered unconstitutional. Further, law enforcement personnel can wrongfully search and seize individuals and their property through the use of racial profiling. Racial profiling is the practice of targeting individuals based solely on their race or ethnicity. This practice is unconstitutional and can lead to wrongful searches and seizures.

Denial of Medical Care


Police officers are often times the first people to be called when there is a medical emergency. However, in some cases, police officers have been known to deny medical care to those in need. This can be due to a lack of training or knowledge about how to properly administer medical care, or it can be due to officers refusing to help those who they deem to be “undeserving.”

One such case involved a homeless man who was experiencing a heart attack. The man was ignored by the police officers who were called to the scene, and he later died from his injuries. In another case, a pregnant woman was denied medical care after she was shot by police. She later died from her injuries. There are countless other cases in which police officers have refused to provide medical care to those in need. This can be a deadly decision, as it can often lead to people dying from their injuries. If you or a loved one has been denied medical care by the police, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the officers or the department.

Cop brutality is a critical issue that affects America as a whole. The use of excessive force by police officers can have a devastating impact on victims and their families, as well as the community as a whole. It is important to hold law enforcement accountable for their actions and to work to prevent police brutality from occurring.