Tips for Opening the Only Vegan Restaurant in Town

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Opening your own restaurant can be challenging and even more when the restaurant is a vegan one. Vegan restaurants have a bad rep for being too expensive or having narrow menu options only a handful of people would enjoy. However, as time goes by, more dishes are being brought up in vegan restaurants from all over the globe.

Many countries share their love for plant-based food and many restaurants are beginning to replicate them in the mainland. Not many restaurants are fully vegan, so there is room for growth in the business. Here are some tips for opening the only vegan restaurant in town.

Create a unique and appealing menu.


When creating the sole vegan restaurant in your town, it’s important to understand why that is so. Maybe it’s because your town has a farming background. Perhaps the residents are unaware of all the delicious options they have in the vegan culinary arts. This is where your market research comes into play. You’re going to want to ask your fellow townspeople why they haven’t tried vegan dishes or why there’s never been a vegan shop in town. Once you understand the reasons behind the lack of vegan options in your town’s restaurants, you can start creating dishes to appeal to their tastes.

For instance, some people may not know that there exist plant-based mayo and other plant-based ingredients like potato salads, cashews, tofu, garlic powder, and avocado, that are just as delicious as their non-vegan counterparts. In many cases, they can even be healthier as they’re organic and lack the concoctions of preservatives that are being put into our food nowadays. Try to create a menu that will call to their attention not only due to their nutritional facts but also because of their taste and appearance.

Use humor in your marketing.


They say humor is the best medicine. This is also true when it comes to marketing your vegan dishes. A lot of people are still not attracted to the idea of veganism as they believe it’s not as tasty or as appealing to them as meaty dishes. However, with a little bit of humor, you can convince even the toughest of carnivores to enjoy a vegan dish.

You can do this by adding sarcasm or jokes to your campaigns as well as using carnivore selling points for your vegan plates such as stating how “meaty” your bean burgers are. Think of how Chick-fil-A markets their food with cows that hold signs that read “eat mor chikin”—it’s genius!

Choose the right location.


Moreover, you will need to choose the right location for your vegan restaurant. You will need a spot that’s easily accessible to people who are actively looking to eat at a vegan restaurant. For instance, you can strategically locate your restaurant next to a yoga studio or local grocery store. You can choose locations next to a farmer’s market or gyms, maybe even next to a fast-food restaurant so people can reconsider their nutritional choices. You will also need a parking lot, which will require striping services so your customers can easily park their cars or bikes in their own spots.

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