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Tips for Reaching and Keeping Customers

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These days, retaining existing customers is as important as attracting new ones. While new customers can grow your target audience and build your install base, existing customers are more likely to become repeat buyers and provide you with more business. That’s why brand loyalty is so critical for growing brands.

Whether you’re running a budding retail storefront or you’re trying your hand at a service-based business model, it’s helpful to have a few tips for reaching your target audience. Between investing in the right point of sale tools to improve customer touchpoints and rethinking your approach to multichannel customer service, here are a few ideas to amplify your customer service efforts.

Integrate the right retail point of sale software.


When you’re working within the retail niche, you must have the right point of sale tools to empower your sales, help you build convenient customer loyalty programs, and automate certain inventory management tasks so you can free up your resources to focus on brand development. POS retail software can help you set up gift card accounts, loyalty programs, and customer support tickets. Some retail POS systems even offer mobile device management options that enable you to review your retail performance remotely.

For many businesses, the best way to reach more customers starts with their retail POS system. Particularly when you review inventory management metrics and customer data, you can see which products and services your buyers prefer and where you lack compared to competitors. Then, you can use these insights to reconnect with your target audience or market and reinforce the shopping behaviors that most empower your business. These retail business POS data points improve customer satisfaction, develop relevant content, and boost customer engagement with new products and services.

Don’t be afraid to shop around for a retail POS that empowers your new business. The important thing is that it’s compatible with your brand goals and offers a great way to connect to loyal customers.

Use diverse digital channels.


A significant component of customer management revolves around meeting your target audience on their preferred channels. While finding retail POS software can help you stick to certain cash management best practices, you also need to consider how you engage with your consumers and where. For small business owners, it’s a good idea to review your existing channels and see how customers interact with them. For example, do most people interact with your brand at the cash drawer, or do they move from your website to your social media before settling on a purchase order?

If you’re not providing your customers with new ways to interact with your products, you risk missing out on key business segments that could increase revenue and boost customer satisfaction. Plus, by leveraging diverse digital channels, it’s easier to aggregate customer feedback and get a glimpse of what buyers truly think of your brand. With this information, you can workshop buyer personas and find innovative tactics to help get your goods and services to the right people.

Run an audit of your existing social channels to review the needs of your business. The easiest way is to take stock of where you are and aren’t. For example, if all you have for an online presence is a site and a Facebook page, you may want to consider expanding your digital reach.

Try multiple approaches.


Whether you’re connecting with buyers via live chat or you’re working on a mobile app that’s compatible with Android devices, it’s critical to rethink how you approach customer service. For most small businesses and growing enterprises to apply multiple tools, platforms, and POS solutions. With these tips for reaching your customers, you’re more likely to find a combination that works for your business.