3 Great Reasons To Become a Pharmacist

a person smiling in front of a shelf of medicine

Pharmacology plays a vital role in health sciences, and worldwide statistics for pharmacists keep increasing. According to Statista, the United States had a total population of about 315,000 pharmacists last year. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics also predicts pharmacy job openings to increase over the decade. Therefore, your aspirations to become a pharmacist are more than valid. Here are three great reasons to become a pharmacist if you need more convincing.

1. You get to contribute to scientific knowledge.


After the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world needed vaccines to survive, and every biopharmaceutical company and pharmacist went to work. Many countries are still a long way behind full recovery, but drug discovery efforts are still underway to create new immunity remedies. Now more than ever, the world relies on pharmacists to ensure we don’t become victims of such health uncertainties.

Global investors in the biopharmaceutical industry and several other healthcare institutions and pharmaceutical companies like Roivant Sciences Inc. are championing research to help manage unfavorable future events. Roivant Sciences is home to seasoned experts focused on leveraging cutting-edge technology platforms and resources for drug development.

As a healthcare technology company, Roivant Sciences, founded in 2014 by its CEO, Vivek Ramaswamy, is interested in using technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence in ensuring equitable access to health care. It continues to follow this path facilitating the Roivant Sciences conference as one of the company’s lead program options.

2. There are many career opportunities.

According to the U.S Department of Education, the acceptance rate for pharmacy certificate programs was a mere 34 percent in 2004. Close to two decades down the line, the admissions success rate has shot to about 84 percent. The increase can be ascribed to several factors, including the help college admission counselors provide for students. The college application process can be a stressful process for students, but today, you can find seasoned professionals to help you every step of the way just by searching “help with college applications near me” on Google.

College admission consultants can help you with letters of recommendation college essays, among other requirements making the entire college application journey less difficult. However, enrolling in pharmacy school is one part of the task. Graduating successfully with an excellent test score is the other half since a college education can be hard to complete. That notwithstanding, several benefits exist for students who can go through hard work.

Pharmacy can be a rewarding field of study for high school students and other health professionals. What’s more, pharmacists can work in numerous places, from hospitals to care organizations like United Nations Children’s Fund, as consultants. The demand for pharmacists, especially in today’s digitally transformed world, keeps increasing as virtual pharma platforms gain higher traction.

3. You help to save lives.


A considerable part of a pharmacist’s prestige is connected to the constant efforts to preserve the lives of patients and impact individuals.

This essential task binds all pharmacists across different levels along the entire value chain, whether you graduated from a top choice University or not.

Pharmacists, as medication specialists, are often part of a network combining efforts with several other health care professionals. They’re well trained to find the best strategies in administering drugs to all patients. Moreover, over-the-counter pharmacists can help patients identify the right drug for their illnesses, especially in community pharmacies. That’s why trust for pharmacists is essential. According to Gallup Polls, many Americans rate the honesty and ethics of pharmacists highly and community members trust their advice and are more likely to follow their directives thoroughly.

All in all, many people have several expectations for entering into pharmacy school. Whatever your reason is, it’s essential to pay attention to future pharma trends, leveraging them for better career opportunities.