How to Upgrade Your Decor When Moving

a chair in a room

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Moving can be a stressful and emotional time, and it’s easy to focus on the negatives of moving as things get busy. Yet moving also offers new opportunities, too. One opportunity worth embracing is the chance to turn your new home into a place you love, even if you’re on a budget.

Break out the Paint

Few things can transform a space like a fresh coat of paint. The colors you choose don’t just cover up marks on the wall. They actually have the power to revolutionize the lightness (or darkness) of a room and change how you feel when you’re in it.

If you don’t have money to repaint your whole space before you move in, concentrate on the bedroom, living room, or kitchen. John Foresi, from Venterra Realty, reports that his company’s tenants spend the majority of their time in these high-value rooms. Choosing the right colors in your bedroom, for example, could even help improve your sleep.

Snazz up the Window Treatments

This is another way to bring about a big change with just a little effort. Window treatments do more than block light. They can serve as artwork in and of themselves or add color to an otherwise dull room. They can make big rooms feel smaller and make small rooms feel more spacious. Window treatments can also improve the resale value of your home.

Make the Front Porch Beautiful

The front porch is the first thing you see when you come home, and it’s also important to your home’s curb appeal. It’s fast and easy to make this small area feel like it’s truly yours, and pretty soon that inspiration will spread to the rest of the house.

You can freshen up your front porch by repainting the front door, adding a wreath, putting a couple of potted plants about, or throwing down a new welcome mat. You could even add a chair or outdoor couch with some throw pillows. Just make it feel inviting and in keeping with your style.

Get Some Cleaners

Your new landlord or the home’s previous owner might not have cleaned your new home so you’ll probably feel a lot better about your space if you hire professionals to steam-clean the carpets. If you’re short on floor space, you could place your larger pieces of furniture into a Colorado Springs self-storage facility. That way, the cleaning crew could get their work done quickly without the clutter. You may be able to negotiate a deep cleaning with the property owners or your landlord, especially if there’s any smell of pets or smoke in the place. Check your contract or closing documents before you sign.

Save Some Energy for Moving In

Moving out is hard work, and it’s easy to get so exhausted that you give up on trying to improve your new home. If you want to make your new space a welcoming home, you have to conserve strength to put into it.

As you move out, don’t try to do everything yourself. Contracting the work out to a company like Solomon & Sons Relocation Services, a team of Fort Lauderdale movers, will save you the angst and effort. Given all of the other stressors involved with moving, you’ll have more time on your hands and one less thing on your list to worry about.

Also, don’t forget to give yourself some “me” time and eat and sleep properly during your move. Get a massage, take a walk, and get to bed on time. Then you’ll have the strength and emotional energy to invest in making your new home a place you’ll love.

A new space needs to truly be your space. Take care of yourself as you move out so you have the emotional energy to work on moving in. Then see how a bit of cleaning, a splash of paint, and a new window treatment can do wonders for your new place and inspire you to make even bigger changes. Put in a bit of effort now and soon you’ll truly feel at home.